What to Bring

As this is a seasonal operation you should pay attention to the weather.

  • Clothing: A slight breeze on open water can be chilly, so either wear layers or bring a sweatshirt or light jacket if appropriate.

  • Sunglasses: help cut the glare and binoculars are good for viewing rock formations or the wildlife.

  • Sunscreen: definitely bring it along if you are booking a private charter during the day, but not necessary for our evening cruises.

Boat Tour Items
  • Bug Spray: is never a bad idea, but be mindful of other guests on our public tours.

  • Beverages/Snacks: accompanied in small personal coolers are welcome on board, though we are a carry-on/carry-off vessel.*
  • Camera/Cell Phone: for taking photos and selfies during your boat tour!

  • Valid Park Sticker: Needed for parking. Park sticker information.
Kids on Boat


Guests are allowed to bring a beverage of choice onboard, yes this includes beer, wine and other adult beverages. Since all of our cruises have a skipper, sit back, enjoy a sip and relax, we are going boating! As always, please drink responsibly and be aware there is no bathroom onboard our vessel.

*Larger coolers are acceptable only on a privately booked charter.


You may not bring: pets, firearms, illegal drugs, anything that can be lit such as candles or fireworks of any kind, flammable liquids/gels/aerosol paint and/or dangerous chemicals. There is absolutely no smoking, of any kind(including E-cigs or vaping devices) permitted onboard.